Viewing A Property: A Complete Checklist

Real Estate

Whether you are an existing house owner or a first-time buyer, purchasing a new property is quite an exciting milestone. It’s very much important that you make most out of property viewing. You should always have a checklist in hand so that you don’t skip out on the important factors to be looked upon.

Check the list to be followed

Research the local property market and investigate the nearby area– You should carry out a proper research into the performance of local property market. It will help in determining how much different types of properties are worth in that area. You would be able to afford a bigger house than expected within your budget.

View the property more than one time- It’s always best if you could visit the property of your liking more than one time as more times one visit the property, it’s more likely that you could spot problems or like it even more.  If there are minor repair and works you could overlook them as you could easily get it fixed. For instance, if there is a repair work need to be done, there are various professional roof consultants you could get in touch to solve the problems.

Check all the utilities are in working condition- As you check each room, ensure that you test all the utilities are working. Switch on all the things installed in the room to check its condition. Utilities to be given special attention are:

  • Plug Sockets
  • Lighting and switches
  • Radiators and boilers
  • Water pressure and taps
  • Built-in appliances in the kitchen such as dishwasher, hob, microwave and so on

Consider all the additional costs– Most of the buyers forget to check the additional costs which one would incur when you buy the property like parking charges, ground rent, maintenance charges, tax, etc.