Your Complete Guide to Buying a Houseboat

Do you have a dream to own a houseboat and spend the life on ocean wave? If seriously you have plans to make your dream into reality, then you should follow the below-mentioned guidelines while you purchase the houseboat. The first and most important thing you should consider is what type of boat you would like to purchase. Listed below are different types of boats that are suited for different environment type.

Narrowboat These are narrow and long boats which make it easier to navigate through canal lock systems. They are constructed of steel and are rectangular in shape with port-hole windows that are round in shape.

River cruisers- They are available in different pre-defined models and ready to go. It’s constructed from fiberglass.  You can begin living aboard as soon as you complete the paperwork.

Dutch barge- These are similar to the narrow boat which comes with a wider beam which gives extra living space and makes them ideal for a floating home. As they are wider in width, they should be moored on the rivers instead of canals.

Houseboats- These are permanently moored accommodation. They are constructed on floating barges and it’s found in places where the moorings could be costly.

Luxury yacht- These are no small investments as it starts from the price of the small apartment and can run to an exorbitant amount. You can find various options and types in online sites like 4Yacht and you could pick one which suits your requirement. However, you might have to moor the luxury yacht in the reputable marina if you prefer the peace of mind and maximum security.

Another important thing you need to know about living on the houseboat is the taxes, licenses, and insurance you need to pay and obtain for it.  Read through all the information on the concerned website to get all the information related to these formalities.

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