Viewing A Property: A Complete Checklist

Whether you are an existing house owner or a first-time buyer, purchasing a new property is quite an exciting milestone. It’s very much important that you make most out of property viewing. You should always have a checklist in hand so that you don’t skip out on the important factors to be looked upon.

Check the list to be followed

Research the local property market and investigate the nearby area– You should carry out a proper research into the performance of local property market. It will help in determining how much different types of properties are worth in that area. You would be able to afford a bigger house than expected within your budget.

View the property more than one time- It’s always best if you could visit the property of your liking more than one time as more times one visit the property, it’s more likely that you could spot problems or like it even more.  If there are minor repair and works you could overlook them as you could easily get it fixed. For instance, if there is a repair work need to be done, there are various professional roof consultants you could get in touch to solve the problems.

Check all the utilities are in working condition- As you check each room, ensure that you test all the utilities are working. Switch on all the things installed in the room to check its condition. Utilities to be given special attention are:

  • Plug Sockets
  • Lighting and switches
  • Radiators and boilers
  • Water pressure and taps
  • Built-in appliances in the kitchen such as dishwasher, hob, microwave and so on

Consider all the additional costs– Most of the buyers forget to check the additional costs which one would incur when you buy the property like parking charges, ground rent, maintenance charges, tax, etc.…

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SMSLoans: How They Work in the Real World

The short-term quick loans like the payday loans are also referred to as SMS loans. These are small, quick to get and very little or no paperwork involved. One need not go through the rigorous process of being evaluated for the eligibility to avail a loan. These loans are given to just about anyone and everyone. Whether you have a great credit score or a bad credit score, you can get this type of loan in no time.

So How Do They Really Work?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Someone is ready to lend you money almost immediately and does not bother about your credit history, your income, your other debts etc. it is just so simple, right?

No, on the contrary, these loans are sometimes more of a burden than the long-term loans. Though you can get these SMS loans in no time, the interest rates charged are extremely high. This is legal and understandable because the lender needs to save themselves from bad loans. If one does not return the money, the lender does not even have collateral to use and get back the lost money. In order to protect themselves from this loss, they charge a very high-interest rate.

In the case of long-term loans, you are put through the grueling task of being assessed and questioned on various levels before the loan is approved. This is done by the lender to ensure he is not at risk or to minimize his risk. On the other hand, in an SMS loan, the risk is high and the lender makes you compensate for the risk undertaken by them.


Though the amount is less and given on a very short notice, the repayment is not that simple. The interest rates are high and the repayment period is very small. There is no interest rate cap like in long-term loans, to protect the borrower from unusually high-interest rates. You can compare and contrast many such loans on

As a result, many seem to take out another loan to pay for these SMS loans. Before they realize they are buried in debts and the amount they have repaid would be much more than what they borrowed, with much more left to pay off.

Unless you are very sure of the loan and some money coming in, in the near future, an SMS loan would be a very risky affair.

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Your Complete Guide to Buying a Houseboat

Do you have a dream to own a houseboat and spend the life on ocean wave? If seriously you have plans to make your dream into reality, then you should follow the below-mentioned guidelines while you purchase the houseboat. The first and most important thing you should consider is what type of boat you would like to purchase. Listed below are different types of boats that are suited for different environment type.

Narrowboat These are narrow and long boats which make it easier to navigate through canal lock systems. They are constructed of steel and are rectangular in shape with port-hole windows that are round in shape.

River cruisers- They are available in different pre-defined models and ready to go. It’s constructed from fiberglass.  You can begin living aboard as soon as you complete the paperwork.

Dutch barge- These are similar to the narrow boat which comes with a wider beam which gives extra living space and makes them ideal for a floating home. As they are wider in width, they should be moored on the rivers instead of canals.

Houseboats- These are permanently moored accommodation. They are constructed on floating barges and it’s found in places where the moorings could be costly.

Luxury yacht- These are no small investments as it starts from the price of the small apartment and can run to an exorbitant amount. You can find various options and types in online sites like 4Yacht and you could pick one which suits your requirement. However, you might have to moor the luxury yacht in the reputable marina if you prefer the peace of mind and maximum security.

Another important thing you need to know about living on the houseboat is the taxes, licenses, and insurance you need to pay and obtain for it.  Read through all the information on the concerned website to get all the information related to these formalities.

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Buying or Selling Your Home? Secrets to Think Like a Real Estate Investor

Use the following tips to think like a real estate investor while buying or selling your home:

Assess the risk involved:  While trying to buy or sell a home, identify risk involved.  These may be a financial risk and legal risks.  Other factors like any unfavorable developments in surroundings etc are very important.  This will determine the resale possibility of the property.

Analyze the market:  Analyse the real estate market.  Visit more properties.  Experience alone can widen the knowledge on properties.  Many aspects like age, the strength of the building, garden space, terrace, additional points like pools, quality of wood interiors, clear legal title have to be analyzed to make a good decision.  The only market analysis will improve such skills.

Don’t go by emotions:  Life quotes say ‘Home Sweet Home’.  Whether a seller or buyer, do not decide based on emotions.  Think practically and in financial terms too.

Price:  Decide on the price and how much deviation is feasible.  Never quote a lower price than the market value since the buyer will tend to think that something is not fine with the house.

Terms of settlement:  Be slightly flexible in terms of the settlement.  Be concise on the stages of payment.  Providing/getting proofs for down payment will improve mutual confidence.

No speculation:  Do not speculate to buy or sell a house.  Speculation always does not work in a real estate market.  Only market analysis of facts will help to make a good decision.

Speak more with the opposite party:  Speak more with the interested parties who contact.  Try to get more information on the highlights of the house under sale.  Opinions differ.  What you might be thinking as a setback may be viewed as an advantage by the opponent.  Also, communication will help in identifying genuine buyers.  The credibility of the opponent has to be verified.  Communication and observation will help in this regard.…

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How Real Estate Agents Can Dress For Success

When you are trying to sell a product or a service you should first be able to create a strong first impression. Only when you can win the trust of the customers will you be able to actually get them to consider the product or service being sold. This holds good even for the real estate agents trying to sell a residential or a commercial property.

Blending in is better than standing out

One easy way to decide what you should wear is to study the property that is being sold. And try to blend in and find an outfit that would perfectly complement the property being sold while also keeping up the reputation of the real estate firm that you work for. If you have a dress code that your company has defined then sticking with it might be your best option. But if you have the freedom to pick your clothes then pick something that does have a professional image about it but something that is not too formal. If you look too professional or carry yourself in an outfit like you have dressed up for a board meeting, while selling a countryside home to a family, then the family members might find it difficult to connect with you. At the same time showing up in shorts and a t-shirt simply because it is a family home sale that you are handling would make it difficult to set the professional environment while talking about the price of the sale.

Accessorise the right way

If you visit luxtime website you would be able to find plenty of elegant accessories that can be worn for formal and semi-formal occasions. Right from the watch you wear, to the footwear and the bag you carry every little detail of your outfit has a role to play. Stay away from accessories that are too bold or distracting.

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